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apturing your next hunt from multiple angles! With the Tactacam® 5.0 Camera Remote, you can have instant control over 5 different Tactacam 5.0 cameras. After initial pairing, this camera remote can control multiple cameras with the following 1-button functions: Power On Auto Record, Pause, and Off. It even conserves your batteries using the Auto Power Off feature, which powers down all cameras and remote after 3 three minutes of inactivity. Thanks to the LCD screen, you'll know exactly how many cameras are connected, remote battery life, length of recording, and a green LED light indicates Recording, Pause, or On/Off. If that isn't enough, the Tactacam 5.0 Camera Remote has an impressive 100-foot range, which means you can have close-range and longer-range shots set up and ready to record your next hunting success.
Manufacturer model #: TA-RE-1.

  • Controls up to 5 different Tactacam 5.0 cameras
  • Easy functions – Power On Auto Record, Pause, and Off
  • Auto Power Off conserves camera and remote power
  • LCD screen shows number of cameras connected, battery life, length of recording
  • Green LED light indicates Recording, Pause, or On/Off
  • Impressive 100-foot range

Tactacam 5.0 Camera Remote

SKU: 505960072484
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